Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Campin and Camp Cookin' Done Right

With waterfowl season officially coming to a close, it was time for our traditional weekend getaway at Lake New Hogan. My folks, family and friends have been making this trip on President's Weekend for about 8 or 9 years now, and it's always a relaxing and wonderful time while we're there. The temperature and weather can range from sunny and low 70's, to cold, rainy and low 40's. This trip, mother nature decided to spoil us with what all of us considered, perfect weather, which would be sunny and low 70's. Unlike years past, I never got the chance to wet a line in the lake, but that's not to say I did not have some fun. This trip, for me, was all about cooking/smokin', relaxing in my favorite camp chair and a good book. So much to share, so I'll let the photos do most of the talkin.

 Friday, after we set up camp, we decided to test our burger stuffers with some ground venison that I had. Stuffed with red onion, Monterrey jack cheese and avocado. These things are man burgers through and through and burger is a meal all in itself, maybe even two meals.

Saturday mornin'... My buddy/BBQ bro Chad wanted to try out his hand at making some Ziploc omelets, and that's exactly what we did. We fired up a big pot of water and brought it a boil and off we went. These were easy and quite tasty as well.
Saturday evenin'... Well, that was my time to shine. On the menu was pulled pork tacos, beans and macaroni salad. Rubbin a butt, always gets a good laugh, but that's exactly what you do.
With the butt rubbed, and the weber set up, I lit some coal. This is a typical indirect set up that I use. Meat goes over the water pans, I use fire bricks as a means to retain heat and set up a barrier. Cold coals (unlit coal) are laid down first, and then I add a few hot coals on top, a type of cook that is referred to as the minion method. Which allows the coals to gradually light over a duration of time, so essentially I get more bang for my buck and can cook for a really long time in stable temps. I also did not want to be watching a butt for 10-12 hours, so I used the "hot and fast" method, which is where you cook the butt at a target temp ranging between 325-350 degrees, once the internal temp of the butt gets to 150-160 you foil it, throw it back on till it is at about 190-200 or when it passes a fork test. This type of cook usually takes anywhere between 5-6 hours.
With the meat on, it was time to sit back with a cold one and read about a true American hero. I can't talk too much about Chris Kyle, because the thought about how that man was murdered makes my blood boil, but if you do not know who he was and what that man did for his Country, my Country. You should get yourself brought up to speed on the life he lived and the courageous efforts of his over in Iraq.
The results of my cook...

Later that evening we prepared some fatty's for breakfast the next mornin'. Much thanks to Jeanie cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/ for showing me the ways of the fatty piston, because that thing flat out rocks and it is super easy to make. Anyway, here's how we did it.

Breakfast Sunday mornin'...

Sunday evenin'... Chad's cook and our version of Italian Pulled Beef Sandwiches!

Can't forget the ribeyes and sweet potatoes!
This meal, was amazing.

Chad also threw together a "Dump Cake", which basically means just that... he dumped some apple pie filling, and some white cake mix in a pan and we threw it on a weber. It tasted, sinfully good.


Other than food... we just had a good time doing what us country folk do! Sharing laughs, playing games and watching the dogs get into trouble.

That's a refined redneck for ya!
And the last sunrise we had the pleasure to watch out there...

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Visited your post via a tweet from MyCampmate.com. Looks like some great eatin'. Thanks for the ideas for our next "barbie" out here in San Antonio, TX

  2. Teri and Mark!

    Thanks for visiting my page and I hope your next "barbie" goes well! :)

  3. You all know how to camp right, looks like a great time! Glad you gave the piston a try, the breakfast fatty looks delicious! :)